Mt. San Gorgonio - An Exhausting Experience
By Ramana Katragadda - July 26, 2009

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Hiked on July 26, 2009 with Dattu Inampudi, Naveen Ravela and Ramana Doppalapudi via South Fork Trail. The round trip distance is 22.6 miles. Start Elevation is 6,900 ft. Peak Elevation is 11,500 ft. Elevation Gain is 4,600 ft.

Dattu Inampudi Naveen Ravela Ramana Doppalapudi Ramana Katragadda


  • Signifies our sincere and consistent commitment to train for Mt. Whitney.
  • The 9 hours round trip finish time including only a couple of breaks is an achievement.
  • Demonstrates team's competitive spirit in finishing the hike within the set goal of 5 hours.
  • Ramana Duo's struggle to catch Dattu and Naveen at the final leg of the hike at a higher altitude.
  • Our group pictures, in patricular, the group picture holding the American flag.
  • The memorable fun we had together.
  • Our instantaneous recovery from Tylenol, Coke and two slices of pizza.
  • And, Naveen's relentless entertainment and caring.

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