120 Miles in 10 Days 
By Ramana Katragadda - June 16, 2011

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I ran 12 miles daily for 10 days from June 6, 2011 through June 15, 2011. This activity was in response to Dr. Prabhakar Tripuraneni's 100 miles walk in 10 days. I ran in my recently acquired Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

Click on 'Run Number' for each run listed below to view the activity. You may also be interested in reading the poems composed by a dear friend presented below.

Daily Activity Log
Run Number Date Distance Covered Pace (minutes/mile) Elevation Gain Distance Left
106/06/201112 Miles10:28906 ft108 Miles
206/07/201112 Miles10:511,111 ft96 Miles
306/08/201112 Miles11:351,191 ft84 Miles
406/09/201112 Miles10:481,184 ft72 Miles
506/10/201112 Miles11:501,265 ft60 Miles
606/11/201112 Miles13:411,243 ft48 Miles
706/12/201112 Miles10:581,221 ft36 Miles
806/13/201112 Miles11:231,088 ft24 Miles
906/14/201112 Miles11:391,031 ft12 Miles
1006/15/201112 Miles11:571,195 ft0 Miles

Daily Encouragement by a Friend
Ramana Katragadda 120 Miles in 10 Days

Upon Completion by a Friend (how true)
indeed, indeed very splendid
the deeds of a single minded

you won't, you can't - his friends hounded
mad, mad is sure dad gone, his children wondered
unkind our kid drove him to the roads? his in-laws pondered

you don't, you shouldn't throw me under the blame
insane, uncalm he always been
ever since he has been with tripuraneni
in vain I tried to intervene - his wife responded

own family, on my behind they bend our bonds?
make fun my friends, you mean and fiendish
the end of long road may be riding on wind
watch me on day ten as I reach the end
Mahesh, the Prince is my mind - promise he rendered

smelling the rose less Melrose garland
leaning on the El Camino real grande
picturing himself in a faux poinsettia pond
round and round he unwound
along the eternal Alga mounds

soon the tiny ten days stood on his behind
as his tanned chest stretched across 120 mile land
he caught the end riding like wind
gladly we all say, indeed he is so splendid!

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